Yung Jai

Illustrator + Writer + Influencer

Maid graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a major in Advertising Design. Having joined the local airline industry as a flight attendant in 2015, Maid started to make comics and share on his Facebook page “The Flying Maid” to document what he saw in the sky. Maid made his first appearance in public at the Hong Kong Book Fair in 2016. Since then he has published 5 books. Maid earned “The Best Book” (Travel and Food Category) and “My Favourite Writer (Silver)” at the Hong Kong Golden Book Awards in 2018. In 2020, his career as a flight attendant came to a halt and he diverted the route to become a full-time illustrator and an influencer. In the hope of spreading happiness by his illustration to Hong Kong people, Maid went on collaborating with numerous local and interactional brands, ranging from multinational technology companies, to online travel agencies.