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We restart a video game, if the five-star level is not yet achieved. We restart our computer, after some major software updates or installation. That means we could always restart, for a humble reason, or a noble cause.

Is there a REstart button in our life? Well…
If your life was paused in the past year, time to hit “REstart”. REstart in a better way. If you have never stopped, it’ll be cool to REstart too. Reorient yourself. Restrategize your life.

REstart, especially the “RE”, can also be how we introduce a subject, an eye-catching and useful one that can ensure your email will be read, or your concern can be addressed. The subject we are RElying on this year is: the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Continuing on with the good spirit of “Looking Forward” in our 2019 event, TEDxHSUHK is literally looking and even moving forward! We present this REstart button to not only you at HSUHK, but also anyone in Hong Kong or even all around the world! This year, TEDxHSUHK will be live-streamed! We will especially invite speakers advocating different SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in Hong Kong. Their ideas worth spreading will include, but not limited to, how their own sector can “REstart” Hong Kong, making our city a sustainable and adorable home.

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