6@RubberBand 6號@RubberBand

6, vocalist and lyricist of RubberBand, has been creating music with his band since 2004. Recent works including “Ciao” and “Stay Well” (好好地過) are referred as “Songs of Our Times” by the public. Apart from his work with RubberBand, 6 also composes lyrics for other singers, documenting our city and delivering humanistic cares through words.

With his enthusiasm for movies and expertise in creating dialogues via images and music, not only does he direct all of RubberBand’s music videos, but also for fellow singers as well. Apart from music videos, his cinematic passion is also embodied in directing microfilms. In 2021, his directorial work “Traces of You” (你明日回來) won the Best Microfilm Production Award – Bronze Award in the Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) .

6 is passionate about traveling and hopes to not only nurture more artistic ideas by visiting different places in the world, but to also develop endless possibilities in his creative journey.