Adam Wong

Adam Wong 黃修平

Adam Wong started to make short films with facilities at University of Iowa when he was an exchange student there. Many of his later works were awarded at ifva.

His short films include: Ah Wai and Murphy, Glowing, Pinwheel, Secret Taste, Our Playground and Assignment, Bitter Sweet, etc. His feature films include: When Beckham Met Owen, Magic Boy, The Way We Dance, She Remembers, He Forgets and The Way We Keep Dancing. In 2017, he made the documentary The Way Out for UNICEF Hong Kong. In 2013, he was invited to be the voice-actor for the protagonist of Hayao Miyazaki’s animation The Wind Rises. He also teaches courses on creative media at different universities in Hong Kong.

He won the award of Best New Director with The Way We Dance at the Hong Kong Film Award. His latest work The Way We Keep Dancing gets six nominations at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Award and was invited as the closing film of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.


黃修平,於中文大學藝術系修讀期間到美國愛荷華大學作交換生,並開始拍片,多齣短片均在ifva中獲獎。短片作品有《阿偉與婉芳》、《燦若繁星》、《風車》、《花椒.八角.咖啡豆》、《我們的遊樂場》、《功課》及 《苦甜》等;長片則有《當碧咸遇上奧雲》、《魔術男》、《狂舞派》、《哪一天我們會飛》及《狂舞派3》。2017年為UNICEF Hong Kong 完成紀錄片《明天我》。 2013年為宮崎駿作品《風起了》的粵語版聲演主角。他亦分別在香港多間大學任教媒體創作課程。


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