Ah Jeng

Ah Jeng (Wong Ching-yi) 阿正 (黃正宜)

Radio Host/TV Host
Wong Ching-yi (Ah Jeng), a programme host of the Commercial Radio Hong Kong, wants to share her happiness and positive energy with her audience. Since graduating from the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ah Jeng never stopped chasing her childhood dream of being a DJ. With her quick wit and creative humour in her radio programmes, such as I am Single and Bad Girlo, Ah Jeng has gradually gained popularity among audiences.

Recently, Ah Jeng has engaged in new and fascinating fields such as TV hosting and running her own YouTube channel, to name a few. These great opportunities allowed her to show her diverse styles and further entertain audiences in a different way via different mediums.

黃正宜(阿正),香港商業電台DJ,致力向聽眾分享快樂及傳遞正能量。自香港中文大學傳理學院畢業後,阿正從未停止追逐成為DJ的童年夢想。主持《一位呀唔該》及《Bad Girl佬》等電台節目後,阿正憑幽默感與個人魅力漸漸為人熟知。


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