Chorus & Vito@Pomato

程人富 (Chorus)@小薯茄 Pomato

Member of Pomato/Actor/Comedian/YouTuber
As one of the most representative members at Pomato (one of the leading video production companies creating online comedic skits in Hong Kong), Chorus stands out from the crowd with his unique sense of humour. Majoring in Movie and Digital Media, he has been devoting himself to performing. Having received professional training in acting, Chorus especially shines in comedy performances. Other than Pomato, he also actively participates in dramas, movies, and various types of advertisements. His being witty and eloquent is also making Chorus one of the most popular choices to be the MC in different events and variety shows. Chorus’s presence is always the source of joy for audiences.




高Ling (Vito)@小薯茄 Pomato

Co-founder of Pomato / Director
Vito is the co-founder and channel director of the Pomato Studio Limited, one of the most popular video production companies in Hong Kong specializing in producing comedic skits featuring all walks of life, and topics resonating with our everyday lives. With years of multimedia production experience, Vito has been creating a good number of skits which enjoyed great popularity in the online community. Under his leadership, Pomato has now diversified their productions, ranging from comical sketches, microfilms, game shows, vlogs, to mini dramas. On top of being a household name in the online community in Hong Kong, Pomato’s fans can also be found all over Asia, such as Taiwan and Malaysia.