Heiward Mak

麥曦茵 Heiward Mak

Director/Scriptwriter/Founder of Dumb Youth/Educator
Heiward Mak studied Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and studied Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong where she began to write films and screenplays. At the age of 23, she directed her first feature film, “High Noon” which was nominated for the Best New Director at the Hong Kong Film Award. This film explores youth, growth, desire, the good and the dark side of human nature. It also depicts one’s spiritual exploration when being situated in different places, and continues the discussion of self-discovery and self-healing.

The films Ms Mak screen-wrote and directed include “Ex”, “Beside(s), Happiness”, and “Uncertain Relationships Society”. She won the Best Screenwriter at the Hong Kong Film Awards for “Love in a Puff” and got 11 nominations including the Best Director and Screenwriter for “Fagara”. The films she produced include “Mad World”, “The Withering”, “Fire Room” and more. She has also been involved in different roles such ad planning and editing in other film productions. Her role as the editing director for the movie “Drifting” also earned her a nomination for the Best Editing at the Golden Horse Award. In 2012, she founded Dumb Youth, a performer and creative unit dedicated to cultivating actors, singer-songwriters, performers and songwriters. Heiward is now being active in writing and cross-media cultural creation. Meanwhile, she is teaching screenwriting courses at different universities.

導演/編劇/Dumb Youth創辦人/教育者

編導作品包括《前度》、《幸福的旁邊》、《曖昧不明關係研究學會》;憑《志明與春嬌》獲得香港電影金像獎最佳編劇;編導作品《花椒之味》獲最佳導演、編劇等十一項提名;監製作品:《一念無明》、《日照太短》、《菲與火》等,並於不同電影涉足策劃、剪接等崗位,近年為《濁水漂流》任剪接,並獲金馬獎最佳剪輯提名。自2012年創辦表演者及創作單位 Dumb Youth,致力培育演員、唱作歌手、表演者及創作人,並持續文字及跨媒體創作,同時於大學任教劇本創作課程。

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