YEUNG Chun-yin & KWAN Ho-chuen@Corrupt the Youth

YEUNG Chun-yin (鹽叔) & KWAN Ho-chuen (白水)@Corrupt the Youth 好青年荼毒室 - 哲學部

Philosophy Boy Band/Content Creator
Corrupt the Youth, as implied, is dedicated to corrupting young people. Over 2000 years ago, a man named Socrates was sentenced to death for the exact same act. At last, he drank himself to death, in one gulp of the executioner’s cup of poison. Today, a group of deeply poisoned people set up this space to step into the world of philosophy together. This space will corrupt your mind. You will start to realize that everything around you is not that logical and natural. You will begin to introspect and ponder about the nature of everything in life, the world, language, science, ethics, knowledge, politics and more. Once beginning this reflective journey, one may never get to be one of those good boys or good girls who abide by every rule.



Corrupt the Youth_TedxHSUHK2022